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CLOUi: the world’s first inclusive mobility concept by Paravan

Everyone is talking about autonomous driving, but PARAVAN has already put this technology on the roads. With CLOUi, we are now offering the world’s first inclusive mobility concept. The vehicle is also the first to be produced by PARAVAN itself. To make this possible, Paravan drew on its expertise and experience in everything from car body manufacturing to sensor technology. CLOUi is a novel vehicle concept in the field of new mobility that brings together the current industry mega trends of e-mobility, connectivity and autonomous driving. The Clou on CLOUi? The flexibility. CLOUi is based on a motionboard comprising a chassis, engine and sensors. The length and width of this basic structure can be adjusted as required. Neither the body of the vehicle nor the interior fittings are pre-defined.CLOUi is completely customizable, which means it can be perfectly adapted to suit the needs of the users, in particular, users with severe disabilities. The mobility concept gives the customer complete control over the production of vehicles, whether for the transport of people or goods. At the same time, CLOUi represents a milestone for the inclusion of people with disabilities, because it allows them to more easily and independently take part in road traffic.



CLOUi - one solution for all!

CLOUi is...
  • an inclusive and barrier-free mobility concept for people with and without disabilities
  • a rolling workplace for people in wheelchairs (controlled by people in wheelchairs)
  • an autonomous and moving peoplemover for up to 9 people with e-mobility
  • an adaptive motionboard for industrial use 
  • a community concept of strong partners from Germany (Paravan, Ibeo, Schäffler, R & V insurance
  • the perfect synergy of 25 years of experience in building disabled vehicles and 20 years of experience in Paravan's drive-by-wire technology.
  • an ecological public transport alternative for metropolitan areas 

Ready to use at any stage of automation

CLOUi - one platform, endless possibilities!
  • Operational in driver mode via joystick and drive by wire steering system, eg from a wheelchair
  • Mobile without driver via pre-programmed route data via GPS / GPRS
  • Mobile with state-of-the-art lidar technology from our technology partner Ibeo - completely autonomous
  • Ready on-the-road concept - ideal for gathering important data for Level 4 High Automation and Level 5 Full Automation
  • E-Mobility drive via wheel hub motors with innovative battery pack system
  • Alternatively also with fuel cell drive for overland trips

CLOUi - moves people!

  • as an inclusive wheelchair taxi
  • as a disabled transport vehicle in clinics and rehabilitation centres
  • as an ecological supplement in public transport (public transport)
  • at trade fairs, recreational parks or manufacturing plants
  • as a shuttle bus for sightseeing tours in metropolitan regions.
  • for use at airports or train stations…

CLOUi - Moves goods!

  • in the field of industrial production
  • is a logistics vehicle at ports
  • as luggage transports at airports
  • at autonomous depots and haulage companies
  • as ecological delivery vehicles in inner cities
  • as a delivery vehicle in the parcel service industry
  • as a connecting module on large company premises

CLOUi moves technologie…

  • as an open, documented technology autonomous driving test vehicle for companies and universities
  • as a sensor carrier for road conditions, weather or free parking spaces with open interfaces for the implementation of individual functions
  • direct control of the vehicle possible via torque/
  • acceleration and steering angle interface

CLOUi - tecnical specifications

Range: 150 Km or 10 h running time
Capacity: 8+1 Passengers max.
Engine: 2 wheel hub motors
Term of moment of force: 500 NM
Max. moment of force: 800 NM
Max. capacity: 42,5 kW
Max. speed: 25 Km/h (Peoplemover) 80 Km/h (car)
Max. performance: 20 kW
Recharger: 22 kW
Charging time with 430 V: ca. 1 h
Induktion: optional
DC-charching: optional
Compliance Air suspension (V+H)
Front brake: Disk brake
Rear wheel brake: Integrated drum brake
Wheels: 18“ front and rear
Sensores: Lidar 7, ultrasonic sound 3, camera optional, radar optional
Communication: Wifi and DSRC optional
Empty weight: 1.850 kg
Gross vehicle weight: 3.500 kg
Dimensions: on demand